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You lack expertise to gather data, this offering will allow you to quickly get your analytics needs progress.

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Most companies are constantly in the battle unable to find data experts to support their needs. :

  • Depending on experts
  • Wasting money
  • Waiting moral
  • Lacking alignment
  • Wasting time
Compound Benefits


If everyone can see their data regularly, they can collaborate to support one another and maximize changes for success.

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Save Money

Consultants can cost upwards of $150-$400 dollars per hour.

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Improved Moral

By saving meeting time, and automating the process of data analysis, the teams will get updated at the speed of occurance, with guidance without needing to have someone else review.

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Meetings Not Required

We have a wide knowledge base and can take your simple ​request, break it down into deliverables, and get started ​once you approve the deliverable. We don’t require ​meetings, with the exception of 1-1 sessions.

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Empower your team to be work through it.

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Getting Started

1. Signup & Send Requests

It doesn't matter how fast you climb a latter, if you didn't put it against the right roof. " - Stephen Covey.

Quickly get setup and get started. SMART goal structure fits really well for most goals, with and elasticConsultant, you you can start prioritizing requests, and have an expectation of when you are getting them deliveries in as little as a day.

2. Share, Collaborate, and Act

  • Prioritize Requests with Your Team
  • Review and Approve Deliverables
  • Submit New or Change Requests

3. Harvest the Benefits

You and your will receive deliverables every third busienss day.

  • Analytics needs met quicly
  • At work you are Aligned & Happy
  • Show your clients, on a tablet or cell phone
  • When you have new goals, you can are empowered and succesfull
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You're missing the tools to build a data driven organization.

67% of MANAGERS do not believe they are aligned. Lacking expertise, they find themselves depending on experts. With an elastic Consultant team building your analytics solutions on-demand, you can leave the experts behind and lead with your data today.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love the product that you can start your path to being data driven for 30 day satifaction gurante, and option to return!

Get Started Today! Choose your goal, customize you’r dashboard, and start tracking your team progress!


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